About Us

Chonburi is a picturesque little seaside town located a mere 80km from Bangkok, where our Head Chef Mdm Yongpeerakun (aka Kaopan), was born and raised.  Inspired by her fond memories of home, she founded Pranakorn (“an old name for Bangkok City”) and made her attractive and native Thai delicacies available right here on our sunny island.

Chonburi and Bangkok are destinations boasting of industry, fun and recreation where individuals from all walks of life revel in.  Pranakorn boasts a beautiful fusion of both destinations, offering an absolutely amazing and delectable experience.  The Thai savoury encounter at Pranakorn comes in the form of an uncommon spread of Thai delights, prepared using ingredients driven across numerous Provinces from Thailand.  No efforts are spared in defying distance and other obstacles so as to bring you the most authentic and homely “aroy” delicacies.


With its roots anchored in Chonburi, it is to be of no surprise that Pranakorn’s signature delicacy hails from this little seaside town.  Moo Daeng, the Thai name for “minced pork”, is a key ingredient prepared to play a key role in 80% of Pranakorn’s side dishes, complements the main courses.  At Pranakorn, our Moo Daeng is readied to be your tantalizing and healthy option through the complete removal of its fats.  Every bite your savour reveals a texture so tender and smooth, the pork meat you are eating may jolly be mistaken to be fish meat.  The addition of Thai spices and condiments perfectly enriches the authenticity of Moo Daeng, offering an extravagant gourmet experience barely possible to be found anywhere else,  Not to mention, Pranakorn’s food boasts of xero MSG and extreme child friendliness all possible without any compromise to its amazing taste, “Pranakorn Thai 好吃了!”